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Medicine & Science Journal - is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal of clinical medicine and pre-clinical research, published by Clinical Network Editore. The journal covers a broad range of therapeutic areas to provide a complete clinical and pre-clinical advance through high-impact publications.

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Vol. 1 (2023)

Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

Emerging cause of acute metabolic acidosis in the ICU

Simona Tantillo, Irene Ottaviani, Martina Guarnera, Lorenzo Miggiano, Francesco Talarico
Abstract 128 | PDF Downloads 54

Page e202340

Gemella sanguinis: endocarditis, hypercoagulability, and stroke. First case report in Italy.

Liliana Amendolagine, Tiaziano Colombo, Fabrizio Comolli, Maria Pia Gagliardone, Filippo Milazzo, Emanuele Rezoagli
Abstract 73 | pdf Downloads 39

Page e202335

Blunt chest trauma associated with bronchial rupture and cerebral air embolism. A case report.

Francesco Cipulli, Roberta Garberi, Matteo Calderoni, Lidia Libretti, Giacomo Bellani, Eliseo Passera, Giuseppe Foti
Abstract 133 | pdf Downloads 56

Page e202334

Right Ventricular Failure in a Patient Supported with VV-ECMO: Implications and Therapeutic Strategies

Konstantinos Alexopoulos, Nawaporn Assanangkornchai , Douglas Slobod, Gordan Samoukovic
Abstract 208 | PDF Downloads 122

Medicine & Science Journal: a new multidisciplinary journal to fulfill the knowledge gaps in medical science through preclinical and clinical evidences

Giuseppe Ristagno, Claudio Ferri, Francesca Fumagalli , Angela La Neve, Francesco Lanza, Alessandro Lupi, Aurora Magliocca, Vincenzo Montesarchio, Emanuele Rezoagli, Francesco Scaglione, Nicola Scichilone, Pierluigi Viale
Abstract 2351 | PDF Downloads 343


The role of sex in sample size determination.

Jennifer Meessen, Silvio Garattini
Abstract 269 | PDF Downloads 157

Emergency Medicine

Telemedicine and training: what could we improve?

Marta D'Angelo, Giuseppe Stirparo
Abstract 95 | PDF Downloads 38

BLS-D, I’m ready to perform CPR! Parma University project

Lorenzo Bellini, Daniele Solla, Marta D'Angelo, Stefano Salvati, Luca Gambolò, Riccardo Mazzoli, Dario Bottignole, Giorgia Ogliari, Giuseppe Stirparo
Abstract 120 | PDF Downloads 62

Clinical Pharmacology

From data to drugs: Harnessing machine learning in drug discovery - A review

Gianluca Gazzaniga, Thomas Virdis
Abstract 194 | pdf Downloads 105

Page e202339

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